Nitya Dhingra

Hi! I'm Nitya, a New York based graphic designer looking to create sustainable solutions for impactful, accessible, and interactive design.

01 — 118
02 — Later
03 — Conscious Step
04 — Mental Health Wild Postings
05 — Orb Tea
06 — Understanding Intimacy
07 — Feeling Feelings
08 — BIC Rebrand


Critical thinking and observation help me approach design from a unique perspective, giving life to new ideas and creative expression. I like to dabble in multi-disciplinary practices, creating speculative but conclusive design.  

I graduated from the Parsons School of Design with a degree in Communication Design. Most passionate about UI design and branding, I enjoy adding motion and interaction to my work to achieve a harmonious and playful result.​

I also get my best ideas sitting on the floor :)

Digital Designer @ Alternatives NYC
Graphic Design Intern @ Conscious Step 
Web Design Intern @

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