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Hi! I'm Nitya, a New York based graphic designer looking to create sustainable solutions for impactful, accessible, and interactive design.

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The photo sharing application that keeps you in the moment and lets you collect all the memories LATER. 

Sharing memories with friends and family should not be a chore. We want to solve the issue of sharing images over AirDrop when you and your loved ones are supposed to be enjoying the moment, or being bombarded the next day with texts that say “can you send the pictures from last night?” With so many different platforms, devices, and social networks available, it can be challenging to manage media content and share it with the right people. We created an intuitive and user-friendly application that would allow individuals to share their cherished memories seamlessly. 

Our vision was to create a practical, organized and fun way to share media across all devices while encouraging users to simply live in the moment by creating a seamless photo sharing experience.

Later simplifies the media sharing process after events, gatherings, trips, or parties by streamlining the photo sharing process and archiving memories in an organized manner to create a meaningful user experience, all in a single application.

Collaborators: Dhruvi Mehta, Jenni Ang and Stella Huang.

View Figma Prototype

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