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Hi! I'm Nitya, a New York based graphic designer looking to create sustainable solutions for impactful, accessible, and interactive design.

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Orb Tea
Single-use tea bags are a large pollutant to the environment and take years to biodegrade. Orb Tea is brand that reaches environmentally conscious consumers. Orb Tea provides an easy alternative by using food-grade algae as a casing to several flavors of tea. The perfect answer for all on-the-go tea needs, just drop an (orb) into your choice of hot or iced water, watch it dissolve and enjoy the new dimension of tea.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Tea bags contain a small amount of non-biodegradable polypropylene. Often, excluding the tea, plastic makes up for roughly 25% of the teabag. This adds up to an enormous amount of single-use plastic in the environment. An alternative to tea bags does not exist in the market, neither a fresh and fun way to drink tea. Advertisements for tea do not have to be boring, hence (orb) tea was created.

The aim was attracting younger audiences through the bright, colorful and unique product advertising. Switching tea bag users to (orb) tea, and providing new tea drinkers an exciting way to drink their beverage.  I decided to create short animations of the orb dropping in a cup to show the use of the product and simple text to convey the message. The colors are also meant to symbolize the different and unique flavors.

Created a set of tools that would set this product apart from other brands that exist in the market. A homepage takeover on Bon Appetit’s website only seemed fitting as an upcoming beverage brand that readers of Bon Appetit would potentially be interested in.

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