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Hi! I'm Nitya, a New York based graphic designer looking to create sustainable solutions for impactful, accessible, and interactive design.

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Whether it is a tiny scrap of paper or a colossal entity, all things are formed from the 118 chemical elements (as we know today). Interwoven in an intricate and complex manner, they harmoniously unite to form the very essence of our existence and the fabric of our surroundings. 118 re-imagines the traditional systems for the periodic table of elements by organizing the elements based on their abundance, value, geo-political conflict, and sustainability. It explores the fundamental questions about what we are made of, the environment we exist in, and the implications of the usage of these materials on our planet and society.

The website serves as an interactive compilation of all 118 elements, each of which is depicted visually to represent its value, sustainability, abundance, and conflict, using an intricate system of shapes and colors. The application enables users to scan objects and materials around them to view all the elements that comprise that object. Designed to provide an engaging way for users to explore the world of materials, it informs and inspires responsible resource management and consumption.

​Ultimately, the platform acts as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of the materials that make up the objects around us. By shedding light on the potential economic, political, or environmental tensions that may arise from the materials used in our most common items, 118 urges us to take action towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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