Nitya Dhingra

Hi! I'm Nitya, a New York based graphic designer looking to create sustainable solutions for impactful, accessible, and interactive design.

01 — 118
02 — Later
03 — Conscious Step
04 — Mental Health Wild Postings
05 — Orb Tea
06 — Understanding Intimacy
07 — Feeling Feelings
08 — BIC Rebrand


Distilling Narratives

A series of animations exploring the idea of looking into individual human lives among the chaos of the bigger picture. Exploring the idea of interconnectedness, I want to depict how the actions of one person can ripple out and affect the lives of those around them. Abstract imagery conveys the idea of looking into someone's inner world. The complex emotions, thoughts, and memories that make up each person's individual experience is showcased through these experiments.

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